Monday, 30 May 2011

Windy Dorset

The nerves started early with the "will it" "wont it" motor mover work. It did, and I am now convinced that the problem was, and still is I suspect, with the plastic red key that enables power to the mover from the van battery. So perhaps a trouble free start for a change, WRONG. A flotilla of Electricity vans (thats the company not the power of the vehicles) arrived at the top of the road and commenced digging it up, wonderful, as I now had yet another problem to overcome and test my ability of towing the van through an even more challenging obstacle course. On top of this we had a power cut (the action by the workers in their electricity vans)  and suffice to say that last time this occured whilst we were away we had to have several items replaced, namely our new digital radio for one. So "eventually"  we were off to Lytchett Manor, not suprisingly in Lytchett Minster just outside of Poole, an award winning Camping and Caravan site. The journey was uneventful other than trying to avoid passing kamikaze driving heavy goods vehilce driven at speed through numerous small villages. The advantages of having a fully serviced pitch (once again proving I like the outdoor living but still with lifes little luxuries included) meant we could use the shower in our van which was an absolute joy! Pitch was very good but glad to make our escape on the Saturday preceeding Bank Holiday Monday as hoards of tenters arrived in a previously empty field with children in tow to, in my estimates, treble the number on site. One can only imgaine what the waiting time for toilets and shower use would be over that weekend. A problem, or more a mystery, we had experienced with the fridge in the van on both previous occassions continued, in that every time I got near the sink area the fridge switched from mains power to battery. I believe it to be an over sensitive button that with myself being on the XL size every time I "brushed" against it, the setting changed. Talking with another Swift owner, they had experienced the same "sensitive button" issue. Places visited, Poole Quay not over exciting, New Forest which was terrific, Exbury Gardens, one of the few dog friendly places around, Dorchester, Wareham, Burton Bradstock beach (OK for dogs on beach up to June 1st) and Swanage where we purchased a print from a local artist featuring one of several comical colourful caravan scenes, and intend to purchase more on their web site. Thats it for now next adventure booked for Woodovis near Tavistock next month...

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