Friday, 17 June 2011

TV Syndrome!

Lets take the fitted TV first. Unlike friends and family that we know who had purchased similar models direct from Swift whilst attending a show, & who had a free fitted TV provided as part of their purchase, we didn’t! When taking our old van to the dealers (part exchange deal) from whom we had purchased our new Swift, I requested they fitted our old TV into our new van, along with the change over of our motor mover etc. Ironically (sadly some would say) one of the features I liked most in our new Swift was a special housing for a TV that when not in use would be retracted majestically into an especially built space above the fire, brilliant. They couldn’t carry out our request for the TV because there were no “original fittings or screws” that apparently would have come with the TV when originally purchased, yeah right like we would have kept them! Not to worry we would fit it ourselves, and purchased numerous assorted screws to ensure we had the correct ones.. Our TV had a built in DVD that prevented it from fitting into its intended area, no matter what screw or other brilliant idea we came up with. So we took all kinds of measurement and purchased a new one. Despite our best efforts and spending an hour or so in the shop measuring exactly where the “locating plate” was to ensure it would be compatible for the fitting in our van, surprise surprise, that too wouldn’t fit, even though it was the correct size. We gave up after a lot of discussion and “blame culture” on the subject between the two of us! In despair we had the TV replaced yet again by a larger one this time, which we knew wouldn’t  fit into the space in which it was intended, and now have to store it away when not in use and travelling. It’s a real shame that Swift doesn’t provide a TV already fitted, even at an additional price as an option.

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