Sunday, 31 July 2011

Jockey Wheel

I dont know why, but this one piece of vital caravan equipment frightens the life out of me! From the very first time I towed to the very latest effort, it still fills me with dread. There is a small groove into which the wheel is located once having connected the van to the car. I never knew that until it was pointed out to me! On arrival and reversing the process, do you looosen the the mechanism first that holds the wheel in place, or do you unwind the wheel so far before loosening the tightening devise, and if so how far? This of course becomes obvious over time, but having said that, the main metal retractable thingy which has the wheel situated in at  the bottom, can still be lowered too far completely cocking up the process. On one departing journey, I lowered the van to the car hitch but couldnt move the wheel to aline with the little groove in which it has to go because it wouldnt move. Always lift the retractable thingy & wheel as far as it will go and tighten thoroughly when travelling, as my worst fears were realised travelling back from Hereford, thats the main one not the "Little" one, I hit a pot hole ney more like a b....y crater, which loosened the jockey wheel and started making a dreadful noise. A short stop temporarily resolved the problem, but when arriving home (thankfully son Paul was there armed with a screw driver and lump hammer) I couldnt release the jockey wheel holder without his help and when did, it nearly dropped out! I still dont believe it has been corrected but will have it checked out  when serviced in the winter. So how far to unwind the wheel, how far to drop the retractable thingy in which the wheel is house, will always be a challen ge for me!    

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