Tuesday, 30 August 2011


The day had arrived (Saturday 20th) for our last planned outing of the season, to sunny Cornwall, or wet and very windy Cornwall as we have experienced in past August’s of yester years! Steadies raised, motor mover engaged, no cars blocking our way, and we were off. It was an uneventful journey other than a very busy M5 (in both directions) around the Exeter area. Our chosen destination was the CC site at Trewethett Farm located between Boscastle and Tintagel. Our first challenge was to locate a pitch with one of the spectacular views overlooking the sea and cliffs, but of course they had all been taken, so we had to settle for second best. Next challenge, to put up the awning in strong winds or wait 24 hours until someone moved from a prime spot which we could move to without having to dismantle and re-erect  again, we opted to stay put, wrong! The next morning one of our neighbours departed from a perfect spot, just 20 yards away. Should we, shouldn’t we, a half hour heated discussion took place but we agreed with the assistance of our trusty motor mover it would be a piece of cake to move the short distance from pitch 8 to pitch 6, wrong! With Wifey supporting the still attached (minus pegs and strengthening bars) awning and motor mover engaged, we commenced our simple manoeuvre, we got stuck half way between the two pitches as the motor mover couldn’t cope with the slight incline and wet ground. Plan B, re connect the car and tow it up. That worked but then we couldn’t disconnect the van from the car, and again when we re- engaged the motor mover, it wouldn’t move it the short distance. With the jockey wheel now driven 6 inches into the soft ground, we decided it was going to have to be good enough. The weather improved and we both agreed our now aching limbs were a small price to pay for the great views.  BBQ’s were enjoyed, a tipple or two partaken, and relaxing in the sun made it all worthwhile. We have an electrical connectivity problem with the van road lights “flickering” on our return journey which we suspect is as a result of the wires connecting car to van being unceremoniously separated with some force when the two parted company when not properly hitched on our recent trip to Devon! Some of the more annoying aspects of the van over 2011 has been the blind in the door which has broken again, a shower that has a drain that doesn’t take away the water unless “perfectly” level (why not have a sloping type wet room floor with a central drain!!!??) and the fridge that goes into numerous modes other than those selected every time I help out with the dishes at the sink! Boscastle, Tintagel, Padstow, Newquay and Bude all visited. The appearance of a rescue helicopter demonstrating very challenging flying skill to enter a near by bay to effect a rescue in high winds was a very rewarding experience to view. All types of weather experienced during the week, sun, torrential downpours, high winds (yet again!), but mostly sun, certainly in sufficient quantities to have made our stay very enjoyable.    

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