Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Part Four 2006

The importance of a level van was stressed to us when the salesman was running through a list of “what to do” and “what not to do”, which as it happens was a complete waste of his time given that we had forgotten about most of it when it came to setting up! Apparently, a level van was priority number one before attempting any of the other arduous task’s in order that electrical equipment functioned as intended and water flowed freely in the direction it was designed to do. I of course was assigned to the job of raising and lowering steadies whilst wifey shouted instruction from inside the van having made herself foreman by virtue of knowing where the spirit level was kept. I have since learnt (blindingly obvious) that stage one should be to raise and lower the jockey wheel (not the blasted steadies) in order to achieve our objective, a fact which had completely escaped me! To be honest very few other problems presented themselves other than the appearance of a strange coloured liquid swilling around the shower tray, which we thankfully later discovered was from our washing up bowl having taken the wrong direction when vanishing down the plug hole i.e. instead of going out of the van into our waste container it had taken a wrong turn and ended up swilling around at the bottom of the shower. Clearly we hadn’t got it as level as we had believed!!  

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