Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Part Three 2006

 The Caravan came with a plethora of literature on how everything in the van functioned through the provision of the various manufactures handbook’s i.e. from the hot water tank, to oven, heater etc, but with the frustrating exception of a manual on the actual working and switches of the caravan itself. It is readily accepted by both of us that we are well past our prime, and therefore neither of us possessing an instant recall of the salesman explanations of where and what to push, pull, or switch up or down for the desired gadget to work. So we diligently set about our tasks of filling the water container, immersing the “pump thingy” into the container on its return & connecting the same to the side of the van. We thought we had remembered where the switch was for this part of the operation to engage the pump and recalled that the tap in the van had to be on to indicate that the on board tank had been filled. We waited patiently for 10 minutes with nothing happening. The water level in the barrel outside remained full. Heated discussions took place followed by accusations as to why the other hadn’t paid more attention when being told how it worked! The discovery of a switch marked “pump” located in the most unlikeliest of places was discovered, and when pressed the whole thing burst into life, a truly eureka moment! I went outside to press my ear against the barrel to confirm the pump was working and awaited another eureka moment of the tap producing water by a cry of delight from wifey, which duly followed confirming the same! The temperature dial was set and we had both hot & cold running water after a short space of time. Since that fateful day we have often been caught out when filling the on board tank through this process for the first outing of the year by not having remembered to turn off the drainage switch. This results in all the pumped in water rapidly disappearing straight out again through the drainage hole! A lesson learnt!!!

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