Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Part Two from 2006

Part Two
August 20th 2006

We found a storage facility and arranged for them to tow our new pride and joy to their site. I couldn’t believe how many van’s there were in storage. One can only hope that the owners never inadvertently make a decision to put them all on the road at the same time! My wife then set about purchasing vast quantities of (apparently) absolutely vital accessories and equipment that roughly cost about the same price of the van in ensuring it became her pristine new second home on wheels. You name it, she bought it, bedding, kitchen equipment including cups mugs plates etc just about everything other than what I considered to be top of a must have list, a TV. We took advantage of the storage owner special offer in moving our van to a touring pitch on site in order that we could ensure everything was in working order before setting off on our first great adventure. Both of our cars (neither with a tow bar) were loaded and resembled something akin to an African Safari. My wife set off from home with our loveable pooch Holly, arrived safely on site, and began to unload her car.  I left as early as I could and rapidly found myself stationary on the M5 in a 5 mile tailback. My wife’s first call was “did I have any idea how to connect the cable from the power point to the van”, this question to a man with no experience! It transpired that she was trying to fit the end of the cable to either of the plugs (that connect to the car) on the van. And so began an afternoon of utter chaos and frustration. If there was a right and wrong option, we inevitably chose the wrong one.

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