Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Purchase of our first van in 2006 Part One

Fleetwood Clochester/Honda CRV
I had started to record events from the purchase of our first van back in 2006 and now record them to my blog ...

My wife had talked me into some silly and extravagant purchases in my life, but never one that was less thought out than buying our very first caravan. We had been "looking" around for some time and were eventually drawn to a Fleetwood Colchester, mostly because it had fixed twin beds. We actually proceeded with the purchase though neither car we owned had tow bars fitted AND we had nowhere to keep it! Amazingly, on regaling this story to a colleague at work, he stated that he had done exactly the same thing two years previously, so that made me feel a tad better. To say that the following week nearly sent me over the top with cold sweats and sleepless nights would be no exageration. The prospect of towing filled me with dread, Part exchanging my then current car to a Honda CRV proved a wise decision, as it was the right car for the job. And so we entered blissfully into the world of caravaning & one that would bring with it just about every imaganable positive and negative emotion that anyone would wish to experience!!!

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