Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Part Five 2006

One vital piece of security equipment (allegedly) is apparently a wheel clamp. This turned out to be my biggest challenge so far, as I wrestled for what seemed an eternity to try and fit the same to one of the van’s wheel. I sustained various cuts and bruises to both my hands and feet as a consequence and never got it to lock properly. I have since invested in a hitch lock, and to be honest have experienced similar problems with that piece of kit also. In my opinion a land mine (converted from an explosive devise to an alarmed one) buried in front and behind the wheel would be far more affective. We enjoyed what little sunshine was left of the day after dining el fresco fashion in the true spirit of what outdoor living was all about, having also polished off a few G&T’s  in the process. It was a fairly trouble free night although the unnerving sound of bits of tree falling on to the top of the van in the night along with the arrival of numerous winged creatures as dawn approached ensured it wasn’t as deep a sleep as what I had hoped it might be. Bleary eyed, I arose and armed with appropriate bags set off to take the pooch on her first of numerous necessary walks for the day. That set me thinking during the walk of a television programme that once suggested that any hesitant “wannabe” Caravaner could simulate the experience of caravan living by moving their bed along with a chemical toilet into the kitchen where they could then spend the evening to see if they might enjoy the experience. The other analogy being to try and ballroom dance in your broom cupboard at home. Wholly inaccurate & exaggerated of course, but certainly struck a cord with me as regards to how I found my first night in the cramped confines available. My opinion has since changed for the better.  Today would also be the first day that I would attempt to learn the art of “towing” along with hitching and unhitching, and again I was full of dread!

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