Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Hidden Valley Ilfracombe

21st – 28th July 2012

No, it's not in here.
The journey was trouble free and we had chosen one of the best weeks for weather of the whole year! We had booked a “large” pitch and were somewhat surprised when escorted to a pitch that could have been described as anything but large! We were offered a larger pitch on the lower site, reserved mostly for tents, and which more than compensated for our initial disappointment. A horsefly bite on my arm caused me some discomfort whilst putting up the awning and generally setting up. The staff were very friendly & helpful and the site beautifully landscaped. Large pot holes caused by the very wet summer were problematic but were being repaired whilst on site. The van behaved very satisfactory and an enjoyable week was experienced. Wise words offered by our son as to disconnecting the battery whilst the van was kept in storage throughout the summer were not heeded, and his predictions were about to come true on our last outing to Glastonbury in September.

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