Tuesday, 18 September 2012

The Old Oak’s Touring Park Glastonbury

 10th – 13th September 2012 

We had made a decision to have one last outing before returning the van to our front drive for the winter. Having enjoyed a trouble free very wet summer experience of hitching and unhitching at the storage site, I was having sleepless nights at the thought of having to unhitch in the street and place on our difficult to access drive, for its storage for winter. Friends visited us at Old Oaks when we first went there in 2007 and asked us if it was the best site we had stayed, and at the time my response was that it certainly was one of the best. Having stayed for a second time, we now have to say that in both our opinion’s it is the best site visited in our 6 years of touring. Wifey had decided to modernise our kitchen just prior to visiting Glastonbury, and the work hadn’t been completed at the time of our departure i.e. the sink “couldn’t” be connected to the waste pipe because an electrical switch had to be moved. This prevented us from tipping waste water down the sink, which is quite a difficult action to stop when you have been doing it all your life! A very enjoyable few days away was followed by problem one on our departure, a lorry straddling the junction at which I wished to turn right. The lorry was blocking half the road at the junction, making a right turn an extremely difficult manoeuvre, especially for one so inexperienced. I was happy to wait for the vehicle to move but it became clear that wasn’t going to happen for a while, so I HAD to make the turn, and a very harrowing experience it was too!! Arriving home, my son had “thankfully” and as planned parked his car preventing others from blocking our drive. We unhitched, connected motor mover and pressed forward, NOTHING! The battery was knackered and had been drained of power and water, so re charging wasn’t an option! We tried everything, even connecting power from our home to the van, but nothing worked. The last remaining option was to re-connect the car to the van and reverse it on to the drive!!! Reversing a van is the most challenging of manoeuvres on a site, but in a road with restricted turning it was ten times worse. But with a lot of arm waving directions from my son I achieved the same after a mere two attempts. Winning gold at the Olympics is nothing compared to the satisfaction I felt after achieving what I believed to be the impossible! A few overhanging plants were flattened in the process but no damage was sustained to either car or van!!!

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