Friday, 27 April 2018

Back on line!

My first full day of retirement has reinvigerated my desire to recommence my blog. After 53 "arduous" (that will make a few prople smile) years of work, it is time to hang up my boots and take advantage of my garden and caravan. Last year (2017) we kept the van in Bude (Wooda) for the season and the year before in St Mawes (Trethem Mill) quite simply to avoid the hassle of towing, or more accurately put, to avoid the stress of moving off & on my drive becuase of the haphazard parking of cars in the street, making it difficult to manouvre. Keeping the van on site in summer storage has its advantages & disadvantages. Not towing, having the van in situ on arrival, is far more pleasurable when you have a dodgy kneee, greatly reducing the need to bend considerably! However, having it in the same place somewhat restricts the adventures of discovering new places to visit, but I will bring you up to date on such outings in later blogs. Trethem Mills is worthy of all its 5 star rating, BUT, it has without doubt one of the most challenging approaches to its entrance of any thus far I have encountered. The problem is about 50 yards short of the entrance there is a narrow gap with a wall of rock either side. Add to that fact  I was towing for the first time in an automatic (Kia Sorento) my new car. Acceleration was required as it is on an incline, & I misjudged the approach and damaged the "skirt" at the bottom of the van. To be honest I was  more dissapointed in not having succesfully negotiated the problem than the damage to the van, which was patched up with duck tape. Of course if I had changed to manual it would never have happened as I would have been travelling at an appropriate speed to negotiate successfully. This year we have moved the van to Newton Abbot (Dornafield) again for summer storage, and our first trip is planned for a short 4 day stay commencing Monday, and the weather of course is looking miserable after a great end to last week with emperatures in high 20's, typical. Will bring you up to date with our 2016 & 2017 tales of woe along with all the latest to come!!

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