Friday, 4 May 2018

Dornafield, so much more than a field!

The first trip of the summer was only a four night stay mostly to ensure everything was in working order following "winterisation". Despite the van leaving our drive in March, the van was looking a tad delapidated. In typical "Dick Strawbridge" mode i.e. armed with appropriate tools I set about the task of setting up for the first time with some vigour. No awning to erect as too short a stay. Everything went fine initially unil connecting the water. I dont know if anyone suffers from the same frustration as I do with the pump "curling" at the bottom of the water butt leaving it not fully immersed, but you wont be surprised to learn that it drives me crazy! We had emptied the water tank in the van over winter, and consequently that resulted in it taking a lot longer to fill. I am not the most patient man and after 20 minutes the caravan tank still wasnt full as no water was coming out of taps. Inevitably after "fidlling" around trying to fully immerse the pump, part of the the little plastic ballcock in the water butt came detached and sank to the bottom of the barrel. After numerous attempts with whatever "long stuff" I could find to try and recover the "bit" from the bottom, it soon became clear that a plan B was required. Empty the barrel of water and start again, which I did and recovered offending plastic bit. The same thing happened again and I had to repeat the whole frustrtating process to recover the "bit" yet again, aarrggh. We eventually got it working & hot water was soon available. Although the weather was cold, it remained dry & sunny with only rain through the evening of day 2 and into morning of day 3. Lunch for one day at Cockington Manor, wedding venue of B-I-Law at end of May, and great fish & chip supper in Brixham. Excellent dog exercise field which pooch Molly thoroughly enjoyed and who was always exhausted at the end of every day.   

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