Sunday, 10 June 2018

Not all fun & laughter!

Originally we booked for a Friday to Friday stay, as did friends Mike & Jan, but sadly the passing of a very dear friend of our ours (Gilly Watkins) and a much thought of Aunty of Mikes, meant we had to  amend our stays. Added to that, Wifeys Brother was getting married in Cockington on the 31st of July. It is fair to say that this wedding didnt meet with the approval of his family, but not a story to unravel here! We did go to watch their arrival & departure which was in a Pony & Trap, the groom being of Scottish blood wore a kilt of course! An anecdotal story on the same theme, was whilst attending a rally at which B-I-Law was flying the Scottish Flag (The Saltire) had an enquiry made of him as to why he was flying said flag, and on hearing the response made the comment that "B-I-Law had the strongest sounding West Country accent of any Jock he had ever previously encountered"!!! Weather was "iffy" on arrival but improved as the week unfolded. The Torbay Air Display was on, so we took Mike & Jan to Stoke St Gabriel and had lunch, and then on to Broad sands to watch the Red Arrows perform, who were at their usual best. A boat trip the following day from Totness to Dartmouth proved equally relaxing with tranquil scenes unfolding at every bend. A bleary eyed Jan appeared next morning to inform us that neither had much sleep as their car alarm went off THREE times in the early hours of the morning (bet the neighbours were chuffed) which they believe was caused by a moth that had become trapped inside their car! On our arrival back home, three days ahead of them, we received a text from them both saying that a foul smell had aroused their concern only to discover it was coming from their battery which required replacing.  

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