Sunday, 22 July 2018

Bailey Pegasus Rimini

It was The Godwins fault, as they kep banging on about an Adria and the much mproved layout along with a "practical" fridge that didnt require kneeling on the floor to gain access too! Transpires that Baileys of Bristol (our home town) also make a similar model with fixed twin beds (a must) and with the same easily accessable fridge at eye level. So off we set to Northam Farm in Brean an official & approved Bailey outlet. They did indeed have just about an example of every model available at attractive prices, so with the help of Simon the sales person we set about negotiating for a trade in price on our Swift. Not surprisngly we didnt meet in the middle and didnt proceed with the purchase which is a shame as the next van prurchased was planned to last us until we abandon caravaning. The heat lately has been unbearable, and whilst making a great summer, we have often found ourseleves seeking shade to avoid the sun, still it could be worse. we could be Japanese! Their temperatures are averaging out a good 10c hotter than ours, yikes! The grass is brown, and our flowers wilting. but we get ever closer to our next week away in August. Prior to that, we have a 3 day break to travel to Edinburgh Tattoo, with a vist to the Royal yacht Britannia and a visit to York on the way home. The trip was of course planned before the football league fixtures were announced and as a season ticket holder for Bristol City, I didnt want to miss the opening game of the season, which is exactly what I have done. My logic being that "we" have had our last two season opening games at home, so logic was that we would be away for our first game, wrong! And so, like the lottery, I got it wrong again!!! Enjoy the summer.....

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